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Rushymead Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Support



Our brains are amazing things, they hold a tremendous amount of information, and we use only a tiny fraction of them consciously. What's in the rest - the bits we're not aware of?

Imagine your computer, there's something on the screen and maybe a few things running on the taskbar; all those things you can see, and are aware of. This could represent your conscious mind. However there is an awful lot more to your computer than the parts you can see. There are the programs and applications it runs, the files and information it stores, and sometimes unwanted viruses which can appear as if from nowhere that get in the way of the usual workings. This could represent your subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is a means by which the subconscious mind can be communicated with in order to 're-write programming' and work to eradicate 'viruses'. It works well in conjunction with its associated therapies (NLP, Coaching, Parts Therapy & EFT), counselling, or as a stand alone therapy, whichever suits you and your situation best.